Creative work turned out to be a bull’s eye for me. I feel very comfortable in the role of a creator, especially if an ergonomic-oriented project is on the table. I want to develop my UX skills further by building good design and intuitive interfaces.
On this webpage I have described some projects I have carried out and linked some websites of mine. You can also check out my resume.


name: Elvio

Online app for managing cattle livestock and farm accounting

design goal:

clean, easy to use interface dedicated to farm owners who are not computer fluent

work done:

  • prototyped new arrangement of elements and showed it to the client,
  • designed clean, minimalistic user interface,
  • replaced dropdown list with faster links because they were used frequently,
  • made important data bigger, hid less important information,
  • introduced handy shortcuts on main page,
  • added dedicated icons,
  • proposed new functionalities ex. widget which tells you what is average market price for a product on current day.

name: SuperDBA

Database managment tool for administrators

design goal:

full brand identity

work done:

  • app logo,
  • website with store functionality,
  • app UI advisory,
  • powerpoint template,
  • social media and google ads graphics,
  • dedicated icons.

name: WW Technic

Provider of technical competences and skills to ship building & repair

design goal:

brand new website

work done:

  • 2 stages of prototyping,
  • clean, professional look,
  • introduced plenty of negative space due to short content,
  • dedicated CSS buttons,
  • dedicated icons,
  • full RWD,
  • work still in progress.